These clips, directed by Mike Loades, are from USS Constellation, The Plot to Kill Jesses James, The Plot to Kill Reagan and Boudica, films that were all broadcast on History in the US. There are also clips from The Hunt for Lincoln’s Assassin, which was broadcast on National Geographic in the US


Mike was the co-host/presenter for this 10 part series for The Discovery Channel, which broadcast in 2008. Filmed in the USA, England, Germany, Denmark, Peru, Japan, China and India. Each episode looked at a weapon from a different culture and time period.

In these clips Mike demonstrates throwing a chakram from an elephant, shooting a Samurai bow from horseback, shooting a Chinese repeating crossbow, explaining the history of duelling whilst fighting, sequentially, with an axe, a longsword, a rapier, a smallsword and a pistol, and finally, using a blowpipe in the Amazon jungle.

These clips are from the 2004 Channel 4 series Weapons That Made Britain, in which Mike took a medieval weapon and gave it context by examining a battle in which it played a significant part.

He discovered the way each weapon was made, the way it was used and assessed its effectiveness.