Mike Loades Media









As an all-round filmmaker, Mike is able to perform multiple functions himself. During 2022 and 2023 he made SEVEN full-length historical documentaries for the History Hit channel, utilizing his full range of skills. The efficiency of combining roles not only creates films that deliver greater value to for a budget than is possible with a larger team but that also have a compelling sense of authorship.

All this is accomplished by collaborating with the very best camera and sound crews, shooting in 4k, to produce films with high professional polish. As well as being suited to lower budget television productions, these services are ideally suited for museum, educational, cultural, tourist and heritage organizations looking for memorable films to inform and enthrall visitors.

He has an understanding of practical production needs, always seeking solutions within budget but without compromising a film’s vitality. He knows that words and images must dance together, never stepping on each other’s toes, but combining to enhance meaning.

Three of his most recent films have been made in Portugal, where he lives. See below for a selection of trailers.

Trailer – The Longest Alliance

Trailer – The Story of Duelling: Swords

Trailer – The Story of Duelling: Pistols

Trailer – The Battle of Vimeiro

Trailer – The Lines of Torres Vedras

Trailer – Quicksilver: The story of the Mail Coach

Trailer – Stand and Deliver: The Story of Highwaymen