Review Quotes from “Weapons That Made Britain”

The Observer
“Mike Loades is a dynamo of a man. He is also an articulate expert on the history of arms and armour who is capable of capturing and sustaining the viewer’s attention from the opening frames of this first programme in his excellent new series…………wielding his weapons with skill and aplomb………Most interesting of all is the way in which Loades uses the sword to bring history to life in a simple, unstuffy way………A treat.”

The Sunday Telegraph
“Loades is so enthusiastic about fighting with medieval weaponry that he talks about it almost poetically…this passion is infectious….stylish and sincere…his skills are really quite impressive.”

Radio Times
“A ripping piece of experimental history… Mike Loades is a gutsy sort of presenter…very fancy. “

TV Times
“This fun five part series”

Time Out
“Exuberant and packed with information this is educational TV as it should be.”

MetroLife Magazine
“It is a pleasure to watch Mike’s enthusiasm and pleasure as he twirls a longsword, throwing out top tips left and right.”

Evening Standard
“Engaging new history series….Loades, who is enthusiastic without being annoying….watch through your fingers “please don’t hurt yourself” action.”

Daily Telegraph
“Mike Loades, the friendly and knowledgeable presenter…”

The Guardian
“ Loades…finding poetry amid the carnage”

The Guardian (review)
“the enthusiasm of presenter, arms historian Mike Loades, is quite infectious”

The Observer:
“ Forget the competition….this is without doubt the most worthwhile programme on tonight……..Superlative”

Time Out
“You have to admire presenter Mike Loades for delivering a piece-to-camera from a cantering horse, shooting his bow and riding off without so much as a pause in breath”

Radio Times: (Choice)
“Mike Loades stirringly tells the tale…programme is full of great nuggets of trivia….Demonstrations are vivid and effective….If there’s a better way to bring 14th century history to life, I haven’t seen it..”

Sunday Times (choice)
“Erudite and charismatic”

The Times
“fascinating history”

Radio Times (choice)
“ a valid and vivid history lesson ….unlocks the tactics of key conflicts with persuasive precision”.

Sunday Times (choice)
“..he is an exciting guide to ancient aggro”

Radio Times (choice)
“makes you sit up and take notice….he’s as lively as ever…intrepid….fascinating…its an education.”

The Scotsman   9/8/04
“The series’s success was down to Mike Loades, the savvy presenter… Loades was the muscle that gave the operation thrust, the heart that kept the series beating; his was the skill of the time-served combatant, who had used every weapon he talked about…..He demonstrated his prowess again on camera with might and aggression, and utter control, to sometimes startling dramatic effect.

The fact that Loades looked the part of the warrior was a bonus. His was a medieval face, with its long, imposing Norman nose and deep-set eyes. When dressed in full armour the face disappeared behind the visor, but the body-stance carried conviction… You could taste the blood of every battle on Loades’s breath.”