76714_164798906892068_5280945_nAs the author of Swords and Swordsmen, Mike has a lot to say about swords – the beauty of their form, the way they were made, the way they were used, who used them, their use in battle and the cult of the duel.

Mike worked as a fight choreographer and a teacher of swordfighting in London drama schools for quarter of a century and was one of the early pioneers who set out to discover authentic period systems of sword-fighting by examining the fight manuals and treatises that have survived from the Middle Ages and subsequent eras.

Although Mike still works as a fight director and action arranger (the broader title includes big battle scenes with horses and bows/guns in addition to hand to hand combat), he no longer teaches on a regular basis. However he is available to speak on the subject at events and this talk can be combined with basic classes in Medieval or Renaissance sword fighting as part of a motivational, team-building experience.