mlarmourhorse copyThe cult of knighthood and the role of the medieval knight on the battlefield is one of Mike’s core interests.

During his roughly 500 year history the medieval knight had various manifestations. In essence, almost by definition, he was a mounted warrior, though in the latter part of the period it was common (especially for English knights) to go into battle on foot.

Knights from different time periods are distinguished outwardly by the ever evolving development of armour styles. It is easy to see the very great difference between an early Norman knight and one from the late 15th century and yet they are too often thought to be the same thing. Roles and concepts of knighthood evolved and changed over time.

Mike is experienced in various knightly skills including horsemanship, wearing armour, fighting with swords, axes and maces, as well as jousting and non-military knightly pursuits such as falconry.